Friday, June 24, 2011

Untouchables: My Family's Triumphant Escape from India's Caste System by Narendra Jadhav

This type of story always amazes me. One, because it is 2011 and things like this should not be happening, and two, the resilence of people and the fortitude they have. I haven't read this, but came across it while looking at Amazon's best seller list. I have definitely put this on my "to read soon" list.

Every sixth human being in the world today is an Indian, and every sixth Indian is an untouchable. For thousands of years the untouchables, or Dalits, the people at the bottom of the Hindu caste system, have been treated as subhuman. In this remarkable book, at last giving voice to India's voiceless, Narendra Jadhav tells the awe-inspiring story of his family's struggle for equality and justice in India. Based on his father's diaries and family stories, Jadhav has written the triumphant story of his parents--their great love, unwavering courage, and eventual victory in the struggle to free themselves and their children from the caste system. He vividly brings his parents' world to light and unflinchingly documents the lives of untouchables--the hunger, the cruel humiliations, the perpetual fear, and the brutal abuse. Untouchables is an eye-opening work that gives readers insight into the lives of India's 165 million Dalits, whose struggle for equality continues even today.
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