Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dreams From The Monster Factory by Sunny Schwartz

Dreams from the Monster Factory tells the true story of Sunny Schwartz's extraordinary work in the criminal justice system and how her profound belief in people's ability to change is transforming the San Francisco jails and the criminals incarcerated there. With an immediacy made possible by a twenty-seven-year career, Schwartz immerses the reader in the troubling and complex realities of U.S. jails, the monster factories — places that foster violence, rage and, ultimately, better criminals. But by working in the monster factories, Schwartz also discovered her dream of a criminal justice system that empowers victims and reforms criminals.

Sunny Schwartz's faith in humanity, her compassion and her vision are inspiring.In Dreams from the Monster Factory she goes beyond statistics and sensational portrayals of prison life to offer an intimate, harrowing and revelatory chronicle of crime, punishment and, ultimately, redemption.

At the office where I work, two of our patients work in the prison system. One is a female guard and the other is a nun who does counseling.
They were both in the other day, so I looked for a book on this subject. The title caught my eye and had some very good reviews on Goodreads.
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