Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Reading Challenge 2011

Today marks the beginning of a new glad winter is over!

It's time for spring cleaning...of the bookshelf! This spring, I challenge you to read the book you've had on your bookshelf for the longest time. Will you join in? I'll be reading The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold. I started listening to that book on tape over 2 years ago and never finished it! Now is the time.

For years Helen Knightly has given her life to others: to her haunted mother, to her enigmatic father, to her husband and now grown children. When she finally crosses a terrible boundary, her life comes rushing in at her in a way she never could have imagined. Unfolding over the next twenty-four hours, this searing, fast-paced novel explores the complex ties between mothers and daughters, wives and lovers, the meaning of devotion, and the line between love and hate. It is a challenging, moving, gripping story, written with the fluidity and strength of voice that only Alice Sebold can bring to the page.
What will you be reading this spring?

PS  We'll continue with the winter challenge (millenium trilogy) for another month or so and then schedule the discussion meeting.
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