Thursday, June 18, 2009

Update {Dog Days of Summer}

I'm changing one of the 10 books. After reading another synopsis and a few reviews, I realized that Secrets to Happiness isn't really about a dog or dogs. Since this book doesn't fit with the challenge theme, I'm picking a new one to replace it (I'm sure it's a good book; it just doesn't fit in for this challenge). The new book is:

Shelter Dogs: Amazing Stories of Adopted Strays by Peg Kehret

From award-wining author Peg Kehret comes a collection of true stories about the amazing lives of eight shelter dogs. Many of these dogs were unwanted because of their size, behavior, or medical condition. All of the dogs found owners who loved and cared for them and ultimately helped change their lives in tremendous ways, as the dogs have changed the lives of their new owners.
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