Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bitter is the New Black by Jen Lancaster

This is hands-down the funniest book I've ever read! It's actually pretty amazing that a book about such a serious topic (layoffs in Corporate America) can be so funny, but this author manages to pull it off with sass, spunk, and tons of
smart-ass comments that made me laugh so hard, I almost cried. This is a must read for all!!!!

Jen Lancaster was living the sweet life-until real life kicked her to the curb.

She had the perfect man, the perfect job-hell, she had the perfect life-and there was no reason to think it wouldn't last. Or maybe there was, but Jen Lancaster was too busy being manicured, pedicured, highlighted, and generally adored to notice.

This is the smart-mouthed, soul-searching story of a woman trying to figure out what happens next when she's gone from six figures to unemployment checks and she stops to reconsider some of the less-than-rosy attitudes and values she thought she'd never have to answer for when times were good.

Filled with caustic wit and unusual insight, it's a rollicking read as speedy and unpredictable as the trajectory of a burst balloon.
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